CUNY Plant Sciences PhD Program

Useful Plant Sciences Links   

Ethnobotany and Plant Chemistry
CUNY Ethnobotany course (Nat Bletter), many excellent links.
Ethnobotanical Leaflets
Gordon Research Conference (GRC):        -Plant Metabolic Engineering 2005; 2007
-Graduate Research Seminar on Plant Metabolic Engineering 2007
Jim Duke's Phytochemical and Ethnobotanical Database
Indigenous Medicinal Plant Talking Books
Metabolic Pathways
Native American Ethnobotany Database
Poisonous Plant Database
Import Permit Info
Obtain import permit for maize
Grants and Intellectual Property
Grant Sources
Intellectual Property Rights
Organism Resources/ Databases  
Arabidopsis Information Resource
Catalog of New World Grasses
Germplasm and Seed Resources
IRRI (International Rice Research Institute)
Maize Genetics Coop Stock Center
Maize Database
Mycology Resources
USDA accession database
USDA-GRIN (Germplasm Resources Information Network)
USDA-NCC Carotenoid Database for U.S. Foods
Plant Physiology
Modeling ecosystems
Plant Systematics
Angiosperm Phylogeny Website 
Diversity of Life Dot Org plants & animals
Grass Phylogeny Working Group
Index Herbatorium plant specialist locator
International Plant Names Index
New World Grasses Classification
TAXACOM electronic bulletin board
TROPICOS accepted plant names
Research Tools: Plant Genomics
Bioinformatics- NCBI (DNA, etc)
Bioinformatics- Proteomics, etc.
Comparative genomics: Phytozome
Cyanobacterial genomics: Cyanobase
Eukaryotic Ortholog Database
Genomics links
Genomics tools and resources
MAGI 454 database etc
Maize GDB: Genetics/Genomics
Maize genome (industry)
Plant GDB resources for comparative genomics
Plant Gene Nomenclature Rules
Plastid Proteome Database
Arabidopsis subcellular proteome database
Promoter Analysis:
          Cis-acting elements database
          TransFac Database
Arabidopsis coexpression networks: ATTEDII
Arabidopsis Coexpression Data mining tools
Rice Genome (Indica) (China)
Rice Genome (Japonica) (Syngenta)
Rice Genomics (US)
Rice: International Rice Functional Genomics Consortium
Rice Coexpression analysis-Rice ArrayNet
TIGR- misc genomic sequencing
Research Tools: Information
Dictionary1  Dictionary 2
Journals: Botanical  Free access
              PubMed: Literature Database
              Library resources at CUNY
NCBI BOOKSHELF: background textbooks on molecular biology, genetics, etc.  
Patents  US Patent Application Database  
             US Patent & Trademark Database
Societies/ Organizations
American Society of Plant Biologists
American Society of Plant Taxonomists
Botanical Society of America
International Carotenoid Society
International Institute of Tropical Agriculture
Metabolic Engineering Workgroup
Mycological Society of America 
National Academy of Sciences
New York Area Plant Molecular Biology Labs
Phytochemical Society of North America
Society for Economic Botany  
Torrey Botanical Society
Travel and Living In New York City

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International Crop Biotech Links
Botanical Gardens
Missouri Botanical Garden
New York Botanical Garden
Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
Botanical Images
Australian National Botanic Gardens
Linnean Herbarium at the Swedish Museum
University of Hawaii
University of Wisconsin
Botany, misc. 
Arabidopsis Book online
Botany Online
HOW TO...pollinate maize plants
Maize morphology
Neotropical Botany
Rice morphology
Seed Anatomy
Plant Growth Chamber Handbook
Prevention of pests of Arabidopsis
CUNY Plant  Research/Journal Clubs   






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